Since the founding of the World Transhumanist Association in 1998, several affiliated international conferences have been held around the world:

In 2006, the tradition continued:

TransVision06, August 17-19: University of Helsinki, Finland, Europe

This year the theme of the conference was Emerging Technologies of Human Enhancement. We looked at recent and ongoing technological developments and discussed associated ethical and philosophical questions.

TransVision 2006 is over, and was considered wildly successful by most participants. A DVD is being produced which contains videos from all the conference presentations. In the meanwhile, you can find lower-quality videos of the program numbers at this repository. Slides from the presentations can be found here.

TV06 Organizing Committee

Conference Chair: Ari A. Heljakka (CEO, GenMind Ltd)

International Committee

The local Finnish Committee included over a dozen members from the Finnish Transhumanist Association.